Thursday, 18 December 2014

OOTD: Aztec Mini Skirt and White V-Neck Shirt

OOTD Aztec Mini Skirt and White V-Neck Shirt

OOTD Aztec Mini Skirt and White V-Neck Shirt
Jacket and Cardigan: Zara
Skirt and Boots: Topshop
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Bag and Tights: H&M
Scarf: New Look

I'm pretty sure you've all seen this outfit or a similar one before, but if it ain't broke, why fix it?! This skirt has probably been one of my favourite purchases of the year (not far behind my all-time leather jacket) and I've had to stop wearing it too much in case people start to wonder if I actually own and wear anything else. But once you've found an piece of clothing that has a great fit, amazing quality, doesn't cost an arm and a leg and one that you really like, it's hard to let go!

This coat has yet again saved me from a very cold and wet winter. If you're still searching for a winter coat, go to Zara (especially the TRF section) and you'll find some great quality coats with reasonable prices. I've also got to give credit to wooly tights. Not just for when you're in primary school. They've been a god-send for when I've been waiting for a train at 7am wondering whether I'll actually be seeing daylight.

What's your winter essentials? Anyone else just throwing on whatever is the warmest?

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Rhiannon x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Instagram: Full English, Andrea Faustini and Christmas Jumpers

So my Instagram this week has been slightly lacking in, well... pictures. But I have got a few festive pictures to make up for it! Less than two weeks until the big day now guys!

The Shard Full English Breakfast London

So it was my mum's birthday last Monday, so me and my sister took her up The Shard for breakfast, which was delicious. I got the full english (obviously) and oh my god, the bacon was delish. I did a photo post when I visited it last Easter here

The Shard Christmas Tree

We had to have the obligatory photo under the Christmas tree at the Shard too!

Paddington Borough Market London

If you've been up to London recently, there's been tons of Paddingtons around! I spotted this one in Borough Market, but I've also seen a few in Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square too.

Andrea Faustini X Factor

Also in Leicester Square was Andrea Faustini who came third in the X Factor this year. It was just by chance that he was there when we walked past and managed to get a photo quick!

National Christmas Jumper Day

As it was National Christmas Jumper Day last Friday, a few of the girls at work decided to don our festive jumpers for the day. I actually picked mine up years ago from New Look and it's still going strong.

What's been your highlight this week? How are we all feeling about Christmas?

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Rhiannon x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To: Survive Christmas Shopping

How To Survive Christmas Shopping

As we're well into the advent calendar season, it's time to start do some serious Christmas shopping. I've been slightly more organised than last year and have got the majority of my shopping done, and wrapped! So here's a little guide to how you can survive Christmas shopping:

1. Write a list.

Even though this isn't just a Christmas thing, lists are incredibly handy when you're Christmas shopping for the family. I usually search through the Christmas catalogues and online websites to find presents, then armed with my list, go to the shop and buy them! 

2. Wear good shoes.

Now I sound like my Mum. But if you're walking around for a few hours, you don't want to be breaking into your new and uncomfortable new shoes. Trainers or boots are your best options, and across-the-body bags also make for an easier shopping experience!

3. Take some handgel.

If you're travelling on public transport, this is a must. But with everyone sneezing and coughing, you really don't want to be catching their germs before Christmas! Plus, think about how many people have touched those card pin-pads...

4. Plan your route.

This may just be me (holler if it isn't!) but I like to know where I'm going when I'm shopping, just because it saves so much time than having to double back on yourself. Also, going to the shops first where you know they'll be super busy is such a time-saver. 

5. Enjoy it!

Above all, just enjoy it! It only comes round once a year and with all the festive events, music and food and wine, it's hard not to get into the Christmas spirit. 

So there's my How To: Survive Christmas Shopping! What's your tips on surviving Christmas shopping?

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Rhiannon xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OOTD: White Skirt and Burgundy Skirt

Jacket: Zara
Shirt: ASOS
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Topshop
Necklace: H&M

You can never beat a string of pearls to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to an outfit. Even though we're definitely in the colder months, you won't be able to get me out of skirt as long as Primark's Super Cosy Tights are around! In between fleece leggings and wooly tights, if you haven't got any yet - drop everything and get yourself a pair.

As usual, I'm still wearing my shirts buttoned up right to the top and tucking it into a skirt - once you've got your style, you've just got to stick with it. Plus, who said burgundy does't go with red heads?! I've actually picked up my Christmas Party/New Years Eve dress, it's a bright red (see it here) and I just can't wait to wear it! Ramble over - this OOTD is definitely one of my favourite styles of this year.

What do you think of this outfit?

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Rhiannon xx

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Instagram: The Benefit Advent Calendar, Sleepy Cats and Lights

Only a few more weeks until the big day! This weekend has been filled with Christmas shopping and markets, with lots of festive songs and decorating our tree. Plus, I've been singing along to many Christmas carols too...

Wilko Moroccan-Style Lights

It's time to get the lights out, and these were such a steal at just £6 for 20 at Wilko! They're Moroccan-style round lights with a battery and switch at the end, perfect for dark winter evenings.

Nails Inc Porchester Square

In the November Glamour issue, they gave away a Nails Inc polish and I picked a pretty mauve-grey shade (Porchester Square). First off, I love the consistency and they only started chipping yesterday, which is pretty good in my books.

Benefit Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

I was lucky enough to pick up a Benefit Christmas Advent Calendar this year! I've been showing what I've been getting each day on my Instagram (@RhiannonBlog) so make sure you're following to find out what each door holds!

I just had to share this picture! This cat was all curled up on a parking meter, sunbathing in the sun and I think he got a pretty good spot.

As with any Christmas tradition, here's something to add a bit of festive spirit to my coat! All donations go to St Catherine's Hospice, a local charity which we've raised money for in the past. 

So there's my Instagram week, what's been your highlight?

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Rhiannon xx

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Photo Diary: A Trip to Bruges

Once a year, I'll take a festive trip with my mum and sister to a Christmas market in the UK or in Europe. Last year was Bath (post here) which is one of my favourites, and this year we travelled to Bruges! It was nice to get away for a few days and just relax, and I know that there will be a ton of laughs with my sister and mum!

This is a little photo diary (trust me, there was a lot to go through!), so enjoy!

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Belgian Waffle and Ice Cream

After a long journey, we had to refill with Belgian Waffles and Hot Chocolate!

Bruges Christmas Square

Bruges Christmas Square

We checked out all the Christmas markets, although they were a little disappointing, but nevertheless very Christmassy! It all looked so gorgeous at night with all the lights on.

Chocolate Museum

Chip Museum

As Belguim is famous for its chocolate and chips, a trip to the museums was in order. As well as sibling fun with the props!
FYI: Chocolate is actually good for you and doesn't harm your teeth as much as you'd expect!

Bruges Canal Trip

Bruges Canal Trip

Bruges Canal Trip

We took a canal ride around the city and had a tour guide telling us all about the old buildings and bridges. The buildings are literally right up to the waters edge, with some having boat doors too. If you're going to Bruges, definitely do a canal trip as it's a great way to see the city!

Bruges Christmas Shop

Bruges Christmas Shop

Of course we did a bit of Christmas shopping - and their shop windows looked beautiful. I think Europe definitely feels a lot more festive than the UK!

Bruges Canal

Bruges Canal

Our second to last day was so sunny and bright but still chilly, perfect for a few photos! Our hotel was nearby the canal and I loved being near the water and watching the boats go by. Excuse the squinty face in the last picture!

Brussels Square

Brussels Square

Before we caught our Eurostar from Brussels, we had a bit of time to kill so wandered round the city for a while. As well as visiting many fancy chocolate shops!

So there's a few snippets of my trip to Bruges - it's safe to say I ate way too much chocolate and waffles! What do you think?

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Rhiannon xx

Thursday, 4 December 2014

OOTD: Baroque Jumper and Brogues

OOTD Baroque Jumper and Brogues

OOTD Baroque Jumper and Brogues
Coat: Zara
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: Clarks
Bag: H&M

Tis' the season to be wearing festive jumpers! Is it too early still?! Honestly, I've been waiting for ages to start getting all festive and get all the family and friends together to eat way too much and argue over who gets to be banker when playing Monopoly. And start wearing OTT Christmas jumpers that can only be worn on the 1st December.

You know those days when you just can't be bothered and feel like wearing all black? This was definitely one of those days. I'm still obsessing over my pretty Clarks brogues and will probably still be wearing them this time next year. I picked up this jumper last year and makes for the perfect 'can't-be-bothered-but-I-want-to-make-an-effort' outfit, plus it's super cosy. There's no doubt that you can find some gems in Primark that'll last you for ages. My local one had a re-vamp recently, but the stock isn't that great, luckily Oxford Street is just two minutes away from my work!

What do you think of this outfit? Christmas jumpers - nay or yay?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx