Thursday, 17 April 2014

Distressed jeans

Jacket: Topshop
Top and Shoes: Primark
Jeans and Bag: H&M
Watch: Oliver Bonas

Sometimes the most plain outfits are the best. Primark have been on form for the past few months, this top was in the sale for a fiver and I think the t-bar shoes were under £10! Although its not the same quality as Topshop or New Look, their styles are right on trend so I'll keep shopping there until.... well until they close (God, imagine that day?!) I wore this to go to a town called Lewes yesterday and ended up taking off the jacket for most of it as it was so sunny. I love the contrast between the distressed jeans and tough biker jacket to the pretty pink top and girly shoes, represents my classical style on most days!

I realise that I talk about Lewes quite a lot, so I took a few pictures of my favourite spots to compile in a post tomorrow! It holds a special place in my heart and if I could live there I would! Right now I'm off down to Brighton for my editor's at Latest 7 leaving drinks :( :( and have spent the day doing more work for BN1 magazine, which has been very productive, unlike the rest of the week!

Have you ever visited Lewes before? What's your favourite town or place? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Denim Jacket

Jacket and Cardigan: Primark
Top and Shoes: New Look
Jeans: M&S
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: H&M

After recently having a spring clean through my wardrobe and jewellery collection, I rediscovered this top. High necklines and V-necks flatter me the most and I remember when the whole 'high-neck' trend came about and everywhere was selling plain high-neck vests. 

This was a very last minute outfit change though! I was wearing a black polka-dot skirt and navy cardigan but the weather didn't seem to be up to much, so I swapped in the end. Thank God I did because London was very windy and adding a skirt to that mix wouldn't have gone down that well....  Although it's finally socially acceptable to wear denim jackets and pumps again, which pleases me to no end. Me and my Primark jacket have shared many times together and I'm so glad I chose it over all the expensive Topshop versions, who knew Primark had some hidden gems up their sleeves?!

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

P.S Excuse the awful face, I was in a rush, as usual!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Breakfast at The Shard and a wander round London

I'll warn you now, this is going to be a very heavy photo post! But when in Rome and all.... well actually London, again!

As one of my only days off work in a long while, me and my mum fancied treating ourselves to a late brunch at The Shard in London. It actually works out cheaper than travelling right to the top (60th something floor!) as you're already on the 32nd and can see the whole of London, right the way around. 

 I'm sorry if this is making you hungry! We both opted for The Shard Full English, which included basically everything (bacon, egg, spinach, sausages etc.) although it wasn't amazing the smoothies and the view made up for it! It's safe to say that my breakfast view from my bed will never be the same again!

A bathroom with a view....

I won't bore you with all the details but this is how far up we were. Pretty daunting when you look down but, at the same time, literally takes your breath away. It's all so light and airy (if that even makes sense...) being that high up, you can just watch the world go by.

After that we had a wander around Borough Market nearby, which was too good of a photo opportunity to miss! The food there is seriously amazing, not as good as Camden, but it's all so fresh and home made that you just want to eat it all!

Then finally we went along for a tour around The Globe, as we had 2-for-1 tickets. I'm a massive Shakespeare fan and I thank God that my English teachers got me into Shakespeare! It's so inspiring and interesting to see how the plays were set out and the history behind it, so I'm sure I'll definitely be back to see a show soon!

Thanks for reading! I'll be putting up an OOTD in tomorrow's post, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Rhiannon xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Coffee, Camden and Burger

These weekly Instagram posts are probably the longest running series I've done in a while! I'm over on Twitter and Instagram (which I'm becoming highly addicted too), if you wanna follow. Can't promise there will be any witty banter but I'll try my best!

There's always that difficult moment when you're in a coffee shop and they have no clue how to spell your name. I either get Rhianna, which I'm totally use to, Robyn or once I actually got a Raymond. Don't know how they got there! So nowadays I'll just give them another name. This week it was Rosie! Not just me who does this is it?!

God not another 'view' picture.... I basically ate my body weight in all things I'm not suppose to at Camden Market the other day. In the end, my food baby got to about 6 months... See yesterday's post for more pictures :)

Another lovely picture of London in Trafalgar Square (Plus you can see the Houses Of Parliament from here!)

I finally cracked the gingham leggings this week! They've been such a pain to style but I think it's less is more with this pair.

Uhhh, Five Guys burger! Seriously yummy burger that means I'll never look at another McDonalds burger again! If you haven't been I really recommend it, there's one in Covent Garden and a few more opening up across the country!

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A little trip down Camden.

London always amazes me without how much variety is packed into the city. Camden is another favourite spot, mainly for food but the general market is amazing too, so it's never a surprise when its crammed full of tourists!

I went down with my friend Kamila as she just got back from uni and I'm still on half term. She recommended Five Guys in Covent Garden as our first foodie stop just before lunchtime, which was an awesome choice. These burgers and chips are THE best I've ever tasted (I posted a pic on my Instagram of mine)! You can choose what type (plain, cheese, bacon etc) then add whatever sauce and fillings you want for free. Plus, there's so many drinks to choose from, I went with Fanta Raspberry, which was delicious. All I'll say is that I'll never eat another burger as good as that again! Safe to say McDonalds is out of the running now... 

The whole restaurant kinda looks like a diner, plus they've got all these different reviews and quotes dotted about which I really liked.

After wandering round Camden and eating my body weight in cheescakes, pancakes and pizza, we ended up back in Leicester Square and Covent garden. We polished off a Ben's Cookie each, another amazing foodie place, and took to Trafalger Sqaure like proper tourists with our cameras!

Overall, it was a great day and the weather made it so much better! On the way back home, I felt so lucky to live so close to London and get the chance to go up there so often, really made me appreciate the little things in life.

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

When the girl goes to London...

After I've done some serious shopping I never look at my bank balance until I get paid at the end of each week. That might so a bit irresponsible, but, after what I spent the other day, it's for the best for a little while....

Forever 21 Necklaces: L £8.90 R £8.40

At the moment I've been wearing my statement necklaces to death, so in light with spring pastels coming back around I got these! Both surprisingly light, I think they'll pretty much go with anything, plain white t-shirt, grey dress etc. If I ever pick something up and can picture what I'd wear it with, I'll most likely be taking it to the till! Gold is the metal type I usually go for in earrings or necklaces, whereas I'll normally stick to silver for rings.

Forever 21 Skirt: £9

Typical British girl, once the sun shows a little sign of coming out she's already in a maxi skirt! I only discovered these last August, after an unflattering experience with a H&M maxi dress, I'd put the whole maxi trend in my 'never ever will suit me' category. But I was told by my sister that despite having ginger hair, coral can be ginger-friendly! I thought this would be a great skirt for hot days at college, where I can sling on a pair of sandals, top and denim jacket. Plus with matching nail polish, too cliche!

Sometimes I'll fall in love with everything at Topshop but other times I can't find anything. I almost always go straight to Orelia whenever I'm in a big Topshop, because their jewellery is just so beautiful and dainty, I pretty much love it all! Last year I got a pair of heart earrings which have lasted me really well, so I know their jewellery is something I'll always go for. These daisy earrings stood out for me and I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them!

I've been a big Benefit fan for years now, from their kooky packaging to the long lasting and quality products, they can do n wrong in my eyes. Foundation is a difficult one for me, partly because I never want anything too thick, but I want my blemishes etc. covered up! Picky, I know! So you can imagine how relived I was when BB creams were discovered. I'm yet to get it a full test run, but I tried it out earlier and it's so lovely and lightweight I can tell I'm going to love it, I'll be sure to do a review soon!

Miss Selfridge Shorts: £22.50 (Student Discount RRP £25)

The day when my student card runs out will be a very sad one.... I was drawn to this high-waisted, pleated and pastel beauty instantly. Super flattering for boy-ish shapes like me and not too short (side note: trying to find a nice skort that isn't too short is almost impossible!) I can't wait to wear this when the weather is warmer which a white-shirt and statement necklace with sandals, but for the mean time it'll be tights and a blazer for me! 

Primark Jumpsuit: £10

I've been scanning various high street shops and their websites for the perfect jumpsuit for a few weeks now, but so far nothing. But Primark seem to have found a cheap and pretty alternative....I got this in a size 8, but the legs are HUGE! However, I think I'll be taking it in slightly on the legs as the top half fits fine and it shouldn't be too difficult to do. It's a very light weight, silk fabric that'll look great in the summer, although it'll have to be worn with a strapless bra as it's quite low cut at the back.

What's your favourite piece?

Rhiannon xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Denim Love

Jacket and Jumper: Primark
Leggings and Necklace: Topshop
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Converse

Dare I say I may have finally cracked the gingham leggings trend?! Probably not. But I'm happier with this outfit than I am with the previous few! I wore this to go shopping in London yesterday, so I didn't want something too thick or difficult to get out of in the changing rooms, que the leggings! And my denim jacket got a bit of love with the weather finally turning around....I've planned to do a post with what I bought yesterday, but I've got a list of other posts I want to do this week, so expect them to be coming up too! 

Rhiannon xx